Legel Drug Store

The John Legel family owned and operated a drug store at 107 N. Main Street for many years. When John retired he donated the store and its contents to the Floyd County Historical Society as a museum.

The Legel family were the ultimate pack rats and as a result the Legel Drug Store exhibit is considered one of the largest and most complete drug store collections in the world.

As the story goes: It was always believed that "if you couldn't find it anywhere else, you could find it at the Legels Drug Store". John's response: "Why didn't they come here first?"

"Just for Kids": In the olden days you could go to the Legel's store to check your eyes and get new glasses. Test your eyes by looking through the eye piece, turning the knob, and reading the eye chart. Look in the counter to your right to see what your glasses would have looked like.