Readin' Ritin' and 'Rithmatic: The Schools of Floyd County

Discover the roots of education in Floyd County. Our country school classroom: In a country school children from 1st through 8th grade were all taught in the same classroom. One teacher taught all the grades by taking turns with each class. Both teachers and students had a variety of chores. Teachers were required to start the fire in the morning, do janitorial work, teach all subjects, and be a nurse if necessary. Students took turns fetching water and supplying wood for the potbelly stove. Notice the desks with their inkwells (also used for pigtail dipping!), the shared water pail and dipper, the variety of lunch pails, the recitation bench, and of course the two headed pig on the teacher's desk. (This pig was born in Floyd County and lived for a short time.)

"Just for Kids": Write your name on the old blackboard.